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I lost my step tracker. Help!

If you've lost your step tracker, you still have options if you'd like to continue using Walkadoo:

Option 1:

If you're part of a sponsored program offering a subsidized activity tracker, you'll see the option to order yours here:

Option 2:

Walkadoo App for iPhone or Android

If you have an iPhone (5s or newer) or Android you can download our free Walkadoo app and use its built-in step tracker to track your activity.

Moves App for Android and iPhone

If you have an Android or iPhone you can download the Moves app to track your steps.

If you opt to use the Walkadoo app or Moves to track your steps, please make sure to update your step tracker selection under the Step Tracker section of your Walkadoo account settings.

Option 3:

You may also purchase any Fitbit, Jawbone, or Misfit device to use with your Walkadoo account; these devices are available for purchase at most large retailers.

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