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Is low battery affecting my step count?

If you believe that your device is not recording all of your steps, there are several factors that could be at play:

Is your battery fully charged or does your battery need to be replaced? It's important to make sure your tracking device has sufficient battery life before heading out for the day. If you have questions about replacing the battery in your Fitbit Zip, please refer to the instruction manual here. You will need a CR2025 battery. For additional questions about your Fitbit Zip, please call Fitbit support here: (877) 623-4997

Are you performing a trackable activity? All Walkadoo-supported devices can track walking and running activities. The Moves app can also track cycling, but here at Walkadoo we don't have a benchmark for the volume of steps generated by cycling activities. If you are using an elliptical, arc trainer, or other stationary (non-treadmill) exercise machine while wearing your pedometer, it will record steps but they will likely be far fewer than walking or running activities as the devices are not equipped to recognize these motions.

Do you know how many steps your device should be showing? The average person walks a mile in roughly 2,000 steps. The number of steps it will take you to walk a mile depends on the length of your walking stride. If you have longer legs and take bigger strides it will take you less steps to cover a mile. 
If you walk 2 miles you might expect to see about 4,000 steps on your tracking device.
When it comes to running activities, you can expect to cover a mile with less than 2,000 steps because with each step you cover more distance. Rough guidance for running is between 1,400-1,600 steps. 

If you have other questions about your step activities please don't hesitate to contact the Walkadoo support team. 

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