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Do I need a pedometer to use Walkadoo?

You will need a step tracking device to use Walkadoo, but it could be a pedometer or an app on your phone that utilizes your smartphone's accelerometer to measure step activity.

Supported step tracking devices are listed below.

Wearable Pedometers:

All models of Fitbit
All models of Jawbone
All models of Misfit
Most models of Garmin
Apple Watch (via Walkadoo iPhone app)

Phone Apps:

Walkadoo app tracker for iPhone (compatible with iPhone models 5s and newer)
Walkadoo app tracker for Android
Moves app for Android or iPhone 

NOTE: If you are participating in a sponsored program that is providing a step tracker, please visit this page.

We are always working on integrating more devices, so please check back if you do not see your device listed here.

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