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Where did my Walkie Talkie go?

Your Walkie Talkie is one of three types of question prompts that sit atop your Walkadoo activity feed.

The other prompts are a Personal Best prompt and a Completed Step Card prompt. If you have achieved a personal best (a walking record) or completed a step card, you will be asked to share how you did it.

On a day when you have a Personal Best or a Completed Step Card prompt it will sit over your Walkie Talkie, effectively hiding the Walkie Talkie until you skip or answer the other prompts.

Please note:

If you click the 'x' on the Personal Best or the Completed Step Card prompt it will dismiss all prompts, including your daily Walkie Talkie, so please be careful to only click 'skip' if you don't wish to answer the Personal Best or Completed Step Card prompt. If your Walkie Talkie is dismissed, will reappear as normal the following day. 

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