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What are step cards?

Step cards are the mechanism used to assign you your daily Walkadoo step goals. There are three types of cards:

Limited Card

A Limited card is the most common card in Walkadoo. Walk your Limited card's step goal by midnight tonight to earn a point reward. If you don't meet your Limited step goal, you can still earn some points. We know it's tough sometimes to find the time to get out and walk; Walkadoo rewards you for partial credit for Limited cards!


All or Nothing Card

An All or Nothing card appears very rarely. It's worth twice what you would normally get for completing your card! But there's a catch: there's no partial credit. If you don't complete the card, you don't get any points. So there's high risk and a high reward.


Unlimited Card

An Unlimited card is the rarest of cards. Unlike Limited and All or Nothing cards, there's no limit to how many points you can earn when you get this card. The more you walk, the more points you'll earn!

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